Peek inside The Pirates’ Pocket Book hands out to Silicon Straits’s new employees

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Silicon Straits Pirates' Pocket Book

Silicon Straits Saigon was founded by James Chan, Kent Nguyen, and Andy Bui on May 21st, 2013, to help global entrepreneurs and companies build high-quality web, mobile, and hardware products. When our company grew from 6 to more than 60 pirates, we faced the challenges of sharing and explaining our visions, history, culture, and core values to new employees. We frequently sent these messages across multiple platforms (such as website, blog, emails, Slack, and social media). They were also integrated into the philosophy behind our office decoration. Still, it seemed insufficient for new pirates to look up and understand them clearly. We wanted to gather this information along with Silicon Straits spirit and package them in this Pirates’ Pocket Book to give to newcomers.

Silicon Straits Pirate Tools

The Pirates' Pocket Books

The Pirates' Pocket Books

The following are several pages taken from our Pirates’ Pocket Book.

 Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Begin Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Introduction Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Events Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Organization Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Teams Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Belief Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Core Values Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Quote Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Requirement Inside Pirates' Pocket Book: Greeting
If you want to read more, the one and only way is being part of our team.
Space Walker and the pirate's pocket book Silicon Straits Pirates' Book

*Photos and Retouch by Quang Hai and Tu Bui.


Project Manager: Hai An
Editor: Duc Phu
Copywriter, Project Coordinator: Doan Trang
Graphic Designer, Illustrator: Mai Loan
Photographer: CiKa
Creative Advisor: Quang Hai
Art Advisor: Tu Bui
Content Advisor: Management team
Proofreader: Minh Tuan